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Reparations for Black Students

Reparations for Black Students will open the door for us to heal from the complex, racist trauma we have all inherited.

The Reparations for Black Students Resolution, passed by Oakland Unified School District in 2021, must be implemented in its original and unabridged form. Supporting Historically Black Schools in Oakland will cause less impact than permanent closure.

The Oakland Reparations for Black Students resolution was chance to make history and instead the original resolution was appropriated, modified and passed without the support of the Black board members.  

The key item in the resolution, preserving the Historically Black Schools was removed and now those schools are facing permanent closure.

You would not expect three Black school board members to vote no or abstain from voting on a resolution providing Reparations for Black Students, especially if they were the ones who originally introduced the resolution. But that is exactly what happened in Oakland after other board members modified their resolution, deleted the most important part and passed without their support.

It was egregious.

But please make no mistake. We have all been sold short, not just Black Students. It makes sense to start the reparation process where there is the most egregious harm. I have witnessed enough of the disproportionate harm our system causes Black folks. It is time to change course and support our neighbors. When education improves for Black Students, we all benefit.

Learn about the coming Permanent School Closures.

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