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It’s Time the Department of Education Paid Its Fair Share

Expecting teachers to use their own money to purchase classroom supplies places an undue burden on teachers, but it has become de facto policy in education. I believe teachers shouldn’t have to use their own money to buy stuff for their school- the State Department of Education should pay. Teachers should have expense accounts and be reimbursed their expenses to do their job. Educational bureaucrats, and board appointees in Sacramento enjoy travel and fancy dining and all expenses are reimbursed. Teachers deserve reimbursements too!

How much does the average teacher spend out of their own pocket to support their students? Hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars every year.

As a business person, I would never ask someone who works for me to use their own money to buy office supplies. I know they would probably quit.

Under my leadership, California teachers will be able to request reimbursement directly from my team, for whatever they need. It will be as easy as logging into a website, filling in a few boxes and receiving reimbursement. We owe a lot more to our California teachers, but I believe this will be the first, easy step in systemic change that will bring renewed determination and respect to California educators.

In addition I will compensate educators for the hours they work "beyond their contract". Working for free shouldn't be a requirement to be an educator, and we cannot expect teachers to stay in their profession if we do not pay them overtime.

We should want our kids to have nice stuff at school.

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