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More Public Montessori for California

My children attended free and public Montessori program in California for 7 years. This experience made me a true believer in Montessori and now I want every family to have the opportunity to choose Montessori for their child. I want to help create new Public Montessori programs in the state, and spread the positive, child centered, Montessori influence to all schools!

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It’s Time the Department of Education Paid Its Fair Share

Teachers shouldn’t have to use their own money to buy classroom supplies for their students, they should have expense accounts and the State Department of Education should pay. (Read More)

What is "Learning Loss"

What is "Learning Loss"? 

The term” learning loss” has caused a nationwide hysteria.

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A Temporary Moratorium on Permanent School Closures

California is facing an “unprecedented” decline in student enrolment and the future of our schools is at stake.  (Read More)

Reparations for Black Students

Make no mistake. We have all been sold short, not just Black Students. It makes sense to start the reparation process where there is the most egregious harm. 

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Supportive and Collaborative Leadership

It is a scary time to raise a family and California is in desperate need of leadership

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Spiritual Values in Education

As the only outspoken Christian in this race, I am glad to address this issue. (Read More)

Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Conservatives are so afraid of Critical Race Theory (CRT), but why is that? (Read More)

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